Stage Curtains


  • Students must ensure they arrive on time. Students arriving early or family members wishing to wait will not be allowed to sit in the waiting room. The waiting room is currently closed. 

  • Parents will not be able to come into the house, they will be asked to bring their son/daughter to the door and depart at that point due to the fact that there is no room for all of us to social distance once inside. 

  • Masks for students are not required.

  • Please DO NOT arrive for your session if you or a family member has one of the Covid Symptoms (High temperature, a new continuous cough, fever or loss or change to sense of smell or taste.)

  • Please try and give me 24 hours notice if you are unable to make your session. Students failing to give 24 hours notice will still be charged for their session. 

  • If ever I am ill or have to cancel a session, I will endeavour to rearrange the student so that they can come another time. 

  • If symptoms occur throughout your session, you will be asked to leave and follow the government test guidelines accordingly.

  • If at any point you are unfortunate to test positive for Covid, please be honest and let me know so I can be tested too. 

  • If for some reason sessions will not be able to continue in person, you will have the option to carry out all remaining sessions on Zoom.

  • A non refundable £70.00 deposit will be due per student if they wish to continue after their taster session. I will then confirm the remaining balance and a deadline for full payment.

  • Exams fall 3 times a year and I will always update you on when I think will be the best time for entry. I want to make sure I set all my students up for the best success.

  • When entering students for exams, candidates MUST be free for both the Friday and Saturday exam date. We will not know until 7-14 days prior the exact time and date of the exam so you need to keep those 2 days fairly free. That could mean having to make alternative school or work arrangements. 

  • LAMDA exams happen at the Methodist Church in Old Town. 16 Bath Rd, Swindon SN1 4BA

  • LAMDA will not be able to issue you a refund if you miss your exam or cannot make the allocated time they give you. 

  • If you arrive late for your exam, LAMDA does have the right to cancel your exam. No refund will be given unfortunately. 

  • Please support your son or daughter with their LAMDA work at home. I will update you on their progress and any work I would like them to do outside of our sessions together.